The Little Bellwoods studio (is rarely this clean). 

Little Bellwoods is the brainchild of Canadian illustrator Jamie Bennett.


In the beginning

Jamie started making toys early in her career as an illustrator. She experimented with translating her illustrations from the flat page into tangible, three-dimensional objects.

After her son was born she soon received a steady stream of orders from the young Toymaster General. They would imagine all manner of woodland creatures during their walks in Trinity Bellwoods park in Toronto, Canada, which Jamie would turn into reality. Even after he had outgrown them, she continued to make the toys for others.

These days Jamie is designing Little Bellwoods creatures full time under the supervision of Chickpea the cat.

This is one of the greatest purchases I have ever made.
— PrinceSenta, Satisfied Etsy Customer

Made with love. Sweatshop free.

Every toy starts out with sketches. Lots and lots of sketches. The sketches get turned into three-dimensional muslin prototypes, the patterns of which get reworked until maximum cuteness is achieved. Fabrics are chosen and embroidery patterns refined. The final pieces are sewn locally, filled with chemical free stuffing and hand-finished by Jamie.


Check out how they're made.

...painfully adorable woodland creatures...
— Adria Vasil, NOW Magazine